Saturday, September 18, 2010

Denim Done Cute...

Simple. Casual. and Oh So Cute! It's all in the details. The scarf in the hair is effortless and chic. The sunglasses add a bit of intrigue...thank you cute-mysterious-asian-girl.

( Via Sartorialist )

Friday, September 17, 2010

You Should Know...

A worthy investment for anyone interested in Fashion. Great pictures and biographies on the most influential fashion designers of the past 100 years. Get Inspired! Available at Urban Outfitters among others.

London Calling

Hostem is a new East London Menswear Boutique dedicated to the
well-dressed male. It is also a visual feast that was masterfully prepared
by the gourmand interior design duo, Jamesplumb.

The unique mix of Bespoke tailoring and gritty every day Street Wear helps to prepare the English gentlemen for any activity.

Not only will you find superior quality brands like Casely Hayford, Damir Doma, and Ann Demeulemeester but you will also find a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that transcends the typical mundane activity of exchanging money for goods.

Losing yourself in the process is half the fun, which will not be much of a problem at Hostem.

Naoto Fukasawa ‘Siwa’ Paper Hat Collection

Innovative textiles are always on the top of my list, especially when they create impressive products like this. “Designer naoto fukasawa has created a series of hats that are made entirely out of traditional japanese washi-paper. the three pieces entitled ‘ivy cap’, ‘hat’, and ‘tyrolean hat’, are constructed from a new type of paper called ‘naoron’ developed by washi-paper manufacturer onao which withstands both moisture and weight, resulting in a lightweight material that does not tear easily.” ( Via DesignBoom )

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

NY Fashion Week - Street Style

Casual style with navy dress shoes is a hit. The blazer is a nice touch.

Gearing up for Fall with a flowy skirt and a chunky knit top, perfect for September!

Beautiful printed skirt with a sheer top and gold accents. Love the purse.

Lanvin Leather and Jersey Boot-Brogues

As the Fall season approaches it will soon be time to start layering up and pulling out the boots. These are a very versatile pair of boots and brogues. Great for dressing your daily look up or down. These shoes are made of a high quality leather vamp, jersey extensions that form the boot, and a suede toe cap. The fabrication is unique but the look is timeless, adding these to your closet will pay dividends in the style points category.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fancy, Von Fancy

I Heart this. I heart this very much. Baron Von Fancy, Mister Mort Bow Tie.

( Via Selectism )